Audi Celebrates Emmys’ Week

Olesya hit the blue carpet for Audi Celebrates Emmys’ Week yesterday, the girl is really stunning in all the new photos.

Audi Celebrates Emmys’ Week (August 21)

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Greek: The first last screencaptures

Olesya was really cute in Greek’s episode 19 “The first last” and I’ve finally added the screencaptures, you can see them in the gallery. I’ll try to add soon more screencaptures from the other episodes.

Greek – Screencaptures – The first last

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Greek: All children grow up screencaptures

Olesya was a guest star in several episode of Greek as Abby. I’ve taken some screencaptures from episode 20 “All children… Grow up” and added them in the gallery. Stay turned for other episode screencaptures.

Greek – Screencaptures – All children…Grow up

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D’Arcy Benincosa photoshoot

Olesya is simply stunning in her new photoshoot. The photos were taken by D’Arcy Benincosa and I hope that we will get more pics soon. I’ve also added to the gallery some photos from Ryan Muirhead’s photoshot back in 2013. There is also another great news, we will see Olesya in “Powers” a new serie, according to Deadline, go and check out the full article here

D’Arcy Benincosa
Ryan Muirhead #1

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Instagram pictures

Olesya added some new photos on her instagram account and she is simply beautiful in all them. She uploaded several pics with her mother. Enjoy the new photos and stay turned for more news.

Instagram pictures #4

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High School Musical 3 stills

Olesya get really famous because of her role as Kelsi in High School Musical’s saga and I’ve added some stills from the third movie. Since there aren’t a lot of news about Olesya I will try to increase the gallery also with old photos like these.

High School Musical 3 – Stills

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New bookmarks

I’ve added some new bookmarks to the media archive, the photos I’ve used are from several movies and tv shows, photoshoots and miscellaneous. I made them and I hope you like them, if you have our own creating and you’d love to donate them to the site do it by sending an e-mail, you’ll get credit for your creations. Enjoy the new bookmarks.

Bookmarks – Photoshoots – By Stefy
Bookmarks – Movies & TV Shows – By Stefy
Bookmarks – Miscellaneous – By Stefy

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New layout

Olesya Rulin Daily has finally a new layout!!! For this one I used some photos from Victoria Justice’s 21st birthday party. I hope you like the new layout, tell me what do you think about it with a little comment in the chat box! And stay turned for more news!

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Family Weekend: behind the scenes

Olesya is simply cute and beautiful in the new photos that I’ve added to the gallery; some of them are from “Family Weekend” days, some behind the scenes and posters. I’ve also added a pic from Coco Knudson’s photoshoot, another one from Armani Exchange Neon Carnival back in 2013 and some personal photos.

Family Weekend – Behind the scenes
Family Weekend – Posters
Coco Knudson #2
Armani Exchange Neon Carnival (April 13)
Personal photos

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A thousand cuts screencaptures

Olesya had a little part in “A thousand cuts” and I’ve finally added the screencaptures!

A thousand cuts – Screencaptures

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