Kate Zimmerman Turpin photoshoot
Sep, 4 Posted by Stefy

Olesya did a new photoshoot with the talented Kate Zimmerman Turpin. This photoshoot is for a specific project, it’s for Raven and Lily 2018 fall campaign.

Meet Olesya Rulin. She is the first of ten amazing women to model for our Fall 2018 Collection. Olesya is a conservationist. An actress. A writer. She is one who loves life passionately and wants to use her voice to uplift others. Olesya radiates both confidence and grace. She truly glows. I think the glow comes from both her inner joy as well as her incredible skin (the kind you find yourself staring at for too long!). She was raised in the former Soviet Union and has such an interesting background full of stories from those unique experiences. I’m sure that upbringing has also shaped her current worldview and passion to protect and inspire. I’m so thankful to launch our newest collection with Olesya – Raven and Lily

Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin

Devious Nanny trailer
Apr, 3 Posted by Stefy

Olesya’s latest movie, Devious Nanny’s trailer was relased at the beginning of march before the movie aired on Lifetime. I’m so sorry for not posting about it before, here below you can check out the trailer and see the movie on LifeTime!

Olesya did a wonderful new photoshoot with Mariana Saori Renteria Wall and the new photos are amazing so make sure to check them out and enjoy a little video here below.

Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin

Broken Glass Awards
Nov, 18 Posted by Stefy

Olesya attended the Broken Glass Awards in Palm Springs a few days ago. She was onored as Rising Star and she was presented by Monique Coleman, her High School Musical’s co-star and friend. Unluckly there aren’t a lot of photos from the event but here below you can watch the video with Monique’s speach, Olesya arrives at the end with her own speach. I’ve also added some photos from several instagram stories, some are from Olesya’s account some others are from others account and you will be able to find all them in the personal photos.

Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin

Aaron Farb photoshoot
Sep, 7 Posted by Stefy

We are so lucky that we have some new photos from different photoshoots today! I’ve also added several photos to the gallery so make sure to check them out! I’ve finally found the time to add all the twitter photos in the gallery. Here below there is also an old interview that Olesya did while she was shooting Powers.

Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin

“The Attack” interview
Jun, 2 Posted by Stefy

Since Powers season 2 just came out Olesya did a lot of interviews and to be honest it’s kind of hard to keep up with all of them!!! Anyway one of the lastest interview that she did was the one for “The Attack” and I’ve added the photos to the gallery and I’ve added a few of the new interviews here below! I’ve also added some old pics from “Apart” sets so make sure to check them out too!

Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin

Powers: season 2 trailer
Dec, 7 Posted by Stefy

The new official trailer for the new season of Powers is finally here and Olesya looks incredible in it so be sure to check it out! I will do my best to add more screencaptures as soon as possible, but please be patient because I’m really busy.

An inside looking at Powers
Feb, 18 Posted by Stefy

A new video from behind the scenes of Power finally came out! There are some scenes from the serie and Olesya looks amazing in all them, you can see the video here below and check out some screencaptures in the gallery.

Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin

Safety for Sarah
Feb, 1 Posted by Stefy

As we all knew Olesya took part in the new project “Safety for Sarah” to promote the safety on films’ sets and never forget about Sarah Jones’ tragic death; for those who don’t know anything about Sarah and her story you can check out Safety for Sarah site. The new video has been uploaded on YouTube, make sure to check it out here below.