Sep, 4 Posted by Stefy

Olesya did a new photoshoot with the talented Kate Zimmerman Turpin. This photoshoot is for a specific project, it’s for Raven and Lily 2018 fall campaign.

Meet Olesya Rulin. She is the first of ten amazing women to model for our Fall 2018 Collection. Olesya is a conservationist. An actress. A writer. She is one who loves life passionately and wants to use her voice to uplift others. Olesya radiates both confidence and grace. She truly glows. I think the glow comes from both her inner joy as well as her incredible skin (the kind you find yourself staring at for too long!). She was raised in the former Soviet Union and has such an interesting background full of stories from those unique experiences. I’m sure that upbringing has also shaped her current worldview and passion to protect and inspire. I’m so thankful to launch our newest collection with Olesya – Raven and Lily

Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin