Name: Olesya Yurivna Rulin
Date of Birth: March 17th 1986
Age: 30 years old
Lives: Los Angeles, USA
Nationality: Russian
On 17th March 1986 a new star was born and she was named Olesya Yurivna Rulin. The girl born in Moscow, Russia; she spent her early childhood in Likhoslavl a little Russia’s village. When she was about 6 her father moved to the USA and two years after Olesya, that was 8 at the time, with her mother and her brother followed him. Olesya lived at first in Texas than in Utah. At a young age Olesya was really shy so her mother decided to push her into ballet to get in touch with more people to win her shyness; at the age of 12 she entered a model search contest and she won representation by four different agencies. She started her acting career at the age of 15 with a little part in “Hounded” a Disney Channel Original Movie, and that was the start of her career in the Disney’s world, infact Olesya then joined the cast of “The poof point” and “Halloween High” two other Disney Channel Original Movie. Olesya the took part in her first horror movie “Urban Legend:Bloody Mary” that was followed by a movie that was totally different “Mobsters and Mormons”. In 2006 Olesya ‘s career changed completely, she was casted for another Disney Channel Original Movie: “High School Musical”. The movie got a big success and was followed by “High School Musical 2″ and “High School Musical 3:Senior Year” in which, with her role as Kelsi Nielsen, Olesya’s talented was finally noticed as an amazing actress, a great pianist and an incredible singer. Just because success knocked at her door Olesya didn’t abused of it, between the 3 “High School Musical” movies the girl kept working on her career by making other movies and she also focused on school, the girl was studying economics in Paris when the casting for “High School Musical 2″ was being done. The success that Olesya get with “High School Musical” gave her the chance to make people fall in love with her talent and she get different main role in other movies such as: “Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous”, “Flying By”, “Expecting Mary” and “Apart”. Her latest movie was “Family Weekend” where she played Emily Smith-Dungy, also in this case it was a main role; for this movie Olesya had to work out really hard and trained a lot, but the result was incredible, she was amazing on the screen. Olesya’s carrer wasn’t made just by movies, she took part to several tv shows such as: “Drop Dead Diva”, “Underemployed”, “Touch”, “The Mentalist”, “CSI:Miami” and “Greek” in which she took part in several episodes; her latest tv show in which she took part was “Eye Candy”. Olesya dedicated a lot of time of her live to charity: she cleaned up several beaches, she spent time with dogs that were without a house, she gave away some dresses for charity and she keeps on doing good things like that, her next charity action? The HSM reunion. And between all those things Olesya keeps on working on her acting career, in which movie we will see her next? Who knows, only time will tell us!