30th birthday (2016)

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Olesya!! Happy birthday! 30 years old? Wow seems like yesterday I saw you in the
first High School Musical, when you were about 19 or 20. I hope you have a brilliant
day and spend it with the ones you love!!
I have been a fan of you since the first HSM, which is pretty crazy! I may be
turning 16 this year but I still love the 3 movies! Being a UK fan can be difficult
to watch your new projects but luckily enough I am able I find them. Powers has to
be my new favourite show!!
I would like to congratulate you on the HSM 10 year anniversary, Powers season 2 and
of course your other roles!
You are an amazing, talented and beautiful person! And to me you’re like Retro girl,
helping and brightening people’s days.
I would like to thank you for replying to me on twitter in the past and liking some
of my pictures on Instagram. It really meant a lot to me.
And again to end i would like to say again have a great day Olesya! I think I can
say for all of your fans that we love you and keep working hard!
Much love MaddisonCatherine xx

Hi Olesya, I wish you a happy birthday I am so happy to say that I’ve been a fan of you since the very beginning. Love from France 🙂

Happy birthday Olesya! I’ve been a fan of you since forever!!! I can’t believe it, today you’re turning 30!!! I will never be able to believe how much you’ve grown up, how many movies and tv shows you’ve made and all the fame that you’ve got but you deserve it all. All I can say now is happy birthday,I wish you all the best, may all your dreams come true

Happy birthday Olesya! I won’t say all that “I’ve been a fan of since forever” story because it’s not so true, I found out about you thanks to Powers. I’ve been a fan of it since the old paper time! And I was amazed by your performance and so I watched some other movies and tv shows in which you were in, now I can say I am a big fan of you and I wish you a very happy birthday

Stella, let me tell you that: stop growing up so fast! I can’t beleive it that today you’re turning 30… I really hope that you will have fun on this special day and enjoy your time with you friends and family, with all those people who love you and let me say that a lot of eople love you! I wish all the best for you.
With love

Happy birthday to one of the most beautiful woman of the world: Olesya! You are a strong, amazing, incredible woman with a lot of talent and I hope that you will never change. Have fun!

To one of the most beautiful woman and actress of this planet: happy birthday Olesya! I hope you have fun with your friends and family. Who knows what the future will bring you, but I am sure that there’s a lot of success in it. Happy birthday

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Hapy birthday dear Olesya!
Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to the best supergirl that the world has! Happy birthday Olesya! You are an amazing woman with a big talent, all I wanna say is have a great bday!

Happy birthday Olesya! I know for sure that you don’t have any idea of who I am, maybe all you need to know is that I’ve been a fan of you since forever. I loved you in all the High School Musical, your performance in Family Weekend was as amazing as crazy, in Powers I saw so much more talent than before, your acting in Expecting Mary was stunning, all your guests performance in all those tv shows were incredible. So I am a big fan of you and all I want is to wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.
Love from England