Name: Olesya Yurivna Rulin
Date of Birth: March 17th 1986
Age: 28 years old
Lives: Los Angeles, California, USA
Sibilings: Older brother
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Olesya can read, write, & speak fluent Russian.
Olesya is a trained ballet dancer and model.
Olesya can play the piano.
Olesya has 3 tattoos, one says “I am love” and another one says “Compos sui”.
Olesya lived in Paris while she was studying there.
Olesya goes to Russia at least twice a year.
Olesya has a dog and she likes spending time with him.
Olesya’s first horror movie was “Urban Legend:Bloody Mary”.
Olesya is totally in charity.
Olesya loves animals of any type: dogs, turtles, sharks and so much more.