Dancing for NED event
May, 7 Posted by Stefy

Olesya attended the Dancing for NED event a few days ago, she was with her “Eye Candy”‘s cast mate Nico Tortorella. For the moment there aren’t a lot of pics but stay turned for more! I’ve also added to the gallery some more pics from a 2013 candid. Enjoy the new photos, Olesya is amazing in them.

Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Oesya Rulin Olesya Rulin

Coco Knudson’s photoshoots
Apr, 26 Posted by Stefy

Olesya did some photoshoots with Coco Knudson this year and I’ve added the new pics from her latest two photoshoots, enjoy the new pics, Olesya is beautiful in every single photo.

Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin Olesya Rulin

Welcome to Olesya Rulin Daily
Apr, 26 Posted by Stefy

Welcome to Olesya Rulin Daily, your first resource dedicated to the wonderful Olesya Rulin. Here you will find news, photos, videos and so much more about Olesya. A lot of you followed this site in the past, but it was best known as “Hollywood’s stars” and after several problems with my hosting the site is finally back as a site dedicated to only one star. If you’d like to help this site growing you can by sending me some pics that are missing in the gallery or media’s stuff or news, you can also help us by telling everyone about this site. I hope you will enjoy your time here and Olesya Rulin Daily is looking for affiliates so give a look to the link us page!